fish37 (fish37) wrote,

That's it, done...

                        That's it, done!
                                Bassem (Max) Jamaleddine

Prof.Madden finally approved the latest version of Dbdb write-up, and so I am all set for my 10+-years-overdue degree. With that, I've updated the sourceforge project with all the latest stuff from my workspace, including the docs on the page, Javadoc, code (and aforementioned docs also) in CVS, etc (even a screenshot). Dbdb project is officially open for adoption, because I have no plans for working on it (I am sick of it). Fly, baby, fly...


  • I have to see whether Pat and Spencer actually decided to use this one for the IDEA Plugin Contest... There's still time...

  • Maybe I do want to augment it for use with GWT, so it automagically inserts a debugger; statement as the first line any native Javascript method... Just for kicks... Nah, it would be too slow...
Tags: dbdb, eclipse, gwt, mit, sourceforge
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