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Who debugs the debuggers


The subject really must be in Latin, n'est pas? While I have no formal instruction in Latin, I should come up with one -- what with Latin's pretty formal structure, my general understanding of syntax and "feel" for languages, my finishing a Natural Language Processing (6.863J) incomplete 10 years later, Vocabula computatralia, Mike McLarnon's conjugation applet and Verbix...

Should it be "Quis emendabit ipsos emendatra"?

I should probably asked someone to translate it, which reminds me of a recursive acknowledgment Littlewood describes in A Mathematician's Miscellany. He talks about a translated paper that had three end-notes at the end of it:

  1. I wish to thank NN for translating this article
  2. I wish to thank NN for translating the above note
  3. I wish to thank NN for translating the above note

And that, of course, where it ends, for, though the author did not know the target language, he was perfectly capable of writing note #3: by copying the second note...

So, to start with, I decided to go with JDB. First question is, how best to use it in development:

Then came home and figured out that I have to:

  • put tools.jar from the JRE's home (as different from JAVA_HOME, which, apparently, is assumed to be JRE's home -- to wit, if you have JDK installed, it's, e.g., D:\jdk1.5.0\jre rather than D:\jdk1.5.0). In other words, dropping the tools.jar into the jre/lib/ext folder in addition to it's righteous place in <JDK_INSTALL_DIR>lib did the trick...

  • You should properly override name() of the Connector you're implementing correctly for diagnostic (so that you're not confused by the output of jdb -listconnectors) but that's a minor thing...
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